10 Influential Guitar Albums

15. jan, 2018

When i first heard this one , it blowed my mind. Still does! R.I.P SRV

13. jan, 2018

Great instrumental album! Very good songs and incredible guitar playing. A good mix of everything, unusual chords, melodies, pitch axis, guitar tecniques and virtuoso guitar playing.

12. jan, 2018

This was the first Al Di Meola record i heard. Introduced by my guitar teacher Micke Lind when i was younger. I like all of Al's albums, but this one is special. My mom likes this one too (maybe because i'd played it so much). If you haven't heard it, check it out!

11. jan, 2018

High energy hardrock/heavyblues with the great Jake E. Lee on guitars. Kick ass album!.

10. jan, 2018

I love this album! Great songs, great playing, great vocals, great sound, great everything. Recorded Live in Stockholms Konserthus (Concert Hall).